1389640_loud_speaker“Smartwatch” may sound like a good gag gift, but in recent months, it’s become the talk of the technology town. Samsung has started marketing the first available smartwatch, and while the reviews are currently mixed, the prediction is that it’ll catch on pretty fast because of its handiness. Let’s look at a couple of facts about the new smartwatch technology that you should know.

What is a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch, currently only produced by Samsung, is basically an extension of your phone. The idea behind it is that your smartphone can be completely inaccessible, and you’ll still be able to catch important phone calls, messages, and notifications without having to pull out your phone to check. As long as your phone is within 30 feet or so, the smartphone will direct all alerts straight to the smartwatch around your wrist.

The smartwatch is described on “a mini version of your smartphone” on Samsung’s website. Basically, if you can’t ever be away from your phone very long because of business calls, clients, and emails you know you’ll need to answer, the smartwatch is a discrete, easy way to keep that connection constant to your technological, Internet-based world.

Why You Should Consider the Smartwatch

A smartwatch is a great tool for someone who’s too busy to check their phone continuously but doesn’t want people to avoid them like they do someone with a Bluetooth headset on their ear. In addition, the smartwatch is completely customizable with apps for things such as music and fitness habits.

While the price is quite difficult to stomach in early production of the smartwatch – currently, Verizon plans on selling Samsung’s for around $300 – several other companies, such as Qualcomm and Sony, have announced their own versions of the watch. While the prices may stay inflated for a while, it’s likely we’ll see price drops before too long, and the smartphone will become more affordable.

Keep in mind that a smartwatch cannot function without a smartphone, and it currently only works with Android devices. This is likely to change in the coming months as the market for smartwatches becomes more defined.

Overall, the smartwatch boom is worth watching, and small business owners and personal Android users alike should consider the usefulness of this new device thoroughly before deciding to buy one or not

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