75136v5A mobile strategy is considered the approach that is taken regarding integrating mobile access. For individuals, it is about purchasing mobile devices and data plans, for IT departments it is about adopting BYOD policies, and for businesses it is about being consumer accessible from a mobile device. Use of mobile devices has changed the way consumers are making purchases, and a business that is not accessible will miss out on sales opportunities.

The new purchase decision-making cycle: Awareness, Research, Validation, Intent, Purchase. This entire cycle commonly takes place online, from a mobile device. This new standard requires web access to be informative and easily viewable on a smaller screen size. Here are 5 things you may consider as you adapt to this new standard.

Product research is important to consumers. With the convenience and immediate access to mobile devices, they are the primary means of access. Make information readily available so they are using your site to answer their questions. Include product details, deals, service information, and anything else they may ask. A consumer may visit your site up to 6 times before making a purchase decision.

Search is still the best place to start. Consumers commonly use a mobile search engine to begin the shopping process. Secondary to a search engine, consumers would use branded websites and then branded apps.

Location is an ongoing consideration. More than 2/3 of consumers desire to have the business within 5 miles, and 10% expect the business to be within 1 mile. Be sure to have a store locator on the website, allowing for easy mapping to your business location.

When ready to make the purchase; they want to make the purchase. When possible, cater to online purchases. Make it simple once they have made their decision. Expect that 83% of consumer want to make the purchase within one day.

Mobile drives business to your store. While the research is completed on the mobile device, 82% of purchases still happen in the physical store.

Consumers are increasing spending more time on their mobile device, and then making immediate purchases once the research is completed. These considerations should be tied in with your business strategy, with a special focus on your mobile market. On the most basic level, the strategy would need to include easy website viewing from a mobile device, and consistent and detailed information made readily available. Offering value through the research process will increase your sales opportunities.

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